I call my “creations” Woodart as they combine the craft of woodturning with a range of other techniques and materials to achieve the finished piece.

The process of creation is one of discovery. Presented with a piece of wood I know that there is potential for some features, for example grain, figure, texture, colour but also that there are possibilities of manipulating the wood in different ways to bring out these features .. turning thin wall whilst wet gives a flexible platform, using a blowtorch can bring emphasis to grain patterns.

I will have a range of possibilities in mind as I start, but then will adapt as the features emerge. I can draw on a selection of complementary techniques to add to the piece, in particular carving and piercing but also sandblasting, pyrography, and the use of colour. Different grain types will respond in different ways to dyes and stains, and together with finishing techniques that use ever finer abrasives can create some stunning visual effects.

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